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Welcome to Reef Safari, an internationally renowned crew of divers who love nothing better than sharing underwater wonders with divers of all abilities. We invite everyone to join us - from those who have never dived before through to divers with hundreds of dives in their log-books. 

At Reef Safari we believe it’s not only where you take people diving, but how.

We place a strong emphasis on teaching staff to understand the environment in which they are diving, so that they can pass this information on.

Animal behaviour and the relationships amongst reef creatures are always more interesting if someone can identify and then interpret them for you.

With the amount of time we spend underwater we are always learning and discovering more and we love to share this with our guests. Of course some of the most beautiful things on a coral reef are small. Our guides are fantastic at finding them and will delight in showing off their treasure hunting skills.

We're sure you'll find something of interest here on our site. If you've not dived before find out why you absolutely should give it a go here. If you've done a dive course before and you want to know where we'll take you diving, check out our Certified Divers section

Finally, if you want to become a certified diver, or you want to further your diving education, have a look through the fantastic dive trainee courses we offer.