The primary Manta Ray season for these magnificent marine world creatures to be cruising through the Manta Ray channel is typically between April and October each year.  During this peiod the Manta Rays come into the plankton rich Manta Ray channel to feed and be cleaned - yes Manta Rays come in to their underwater world cleaning stations and line up just like we do at the car wash.

The Manta Ray channel is right on the tip of Barefoot Island and you could be sleeping just a few hundred meters from where the Manta Rays are cruising doing what Manta Rays do best - an excellent reason to stay at Reef Safari's own Island resort in the Yasawas, it is after all the closest resort to the Manta Ray channel and it looks stunning.  Check out the Barefoot Island website at and call or email to make a booking.

Barefoot Island staff keep and eye out for the Manta Rays being present in the channel and will take guests for a guided swim with these magnificent creatures - a truly life changing experience that everyone should do before leaving Fiji, or you will wish you had!!!!