Experience the thrill of reeling in a prize catch

Our Fiji fishing locations are a haven for sport fishers, as the shallow reef waters soon give way to deep ocean where prized sport fish are feeding. For you this means your fishing experience can begin shortly after boarding, with no extended travel!

Fish species which commonly frequent these waters are Walu (Spanish Mackerel), Tuna, Mahimahi, Sailfish, Barracuda, Giant Trevally, and Wahoo to name just a few. Best of all, most inhabit the waters year round!

Our staff are recognised for their fishing skills and in particular their natural talent and ability to provide our guests with a memorable fishing adventure. Even those who are trying sports fishing for the first time will enjoy the adventure.

Reef Safari prides itself in being a company with strong marine conservation attitudes and to back that up we have a catch and release policy in place for our fishing trips.  Take the camera, take the magnificent photos and let the catch be released to breed another day.

But with that stated - we are also very happy for guests to retain one of their fish caught to be taken back to the resort for the chef to prepare as an exquisite meal that evening.  Taking enough to feed family and friends is a good thing, leaving behind all the remainder of the day's exciting catch is a great thing.