Experience the wonder of the reef for the first time

First, you should know that diving really is a very easy thing to do. With the exception of some medical conditions, basically everyone can scuba dive!

Really, all you are doing is breathing under water and looking at fish. We've all been breathing since we were born, so we've all had lots of practice at it. On an introductory dive, as long as you carry on breathing we will look after everything else for you!

Even if you can't swim, or are not a very strong swimmer, it does not matter.  The reason it doesn't matter is that you're weightless, in a life jacket, and we're there to hold your hand for the entire dive.

Each introductory dive is tailor made to suit the people taking part. The dive can be hand-held if you are nervous or offer the freedom to swim along beside the group if you're feeling adventurous.  The depth will vary from 1 metre to 12 metres - depending on your comfort level.

The minimum age is 10 (12 years in Australia) and at the other extreme, we have taken an 83 year old great grandmother.