With all the dive sites here off Barefoot Island, there's plenty for every level of ability, certification and experience. Whether you've done 600 dives or have just passed your Open Water Course, there's plenty for you to choose from and it doesn’t matter if you’re an early bird, a late riser, or a night owl - we're ready for you whenever you want to hit the water!

We do a single or two tank dive in the morning, an additional afternoon dive(s) if required, and night dives are available on request. All dives are guided by a local diver to navigate you through the dive site, pointing out creatures or items of interest. If you haven't dived in a while, or still feel a little inexperienced you may want to consider doing a beach dive and/or, having an Instructor with you to ease yourself back in. We can update your skills, and do a short refresher to bring you back up to date.

As many as 7,000 different fish species live on coral reefs or nearby inshore habitats, with up to maybe 300 different types inhabiting a small plot of reef. Fiji also has a couple of residents unique only to Fiji, including the Bicolour Rabbitfish, and Black Rabbitfish with gentle eyes but sharp dorsal spines it can raise if threatened. This Rabbitfish has a yellow tail and is rarely seen out of a pair.

The Yasawa group of islands has fewer crowds and fewer dive boats. This chain of ancient volcanic islands offers excellent corals, pristine reefs and good visibility, not to mention some superb topside backdrops.

With over a dozen dive sites available at Barefoot Island, we'll always find the perfect dive for you.